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As you probably know, college application fees can really add up. In fact, the average application fee is currently $40 — and some schools can charge as much as $90. Multiply that by 6-10 schools, and you’re looking at hundreds of dollars just to apply.

Good thing we’re here!

We’ve told you that applying to college means applying to colleges. With the Coalition application fee waiver, you can apply to those 6-10 schools without breaking the bank. And we make it easy! As you create your MyCoalition profile, you just answer a few simple questions to determine your eligibility. For instance, if you answer “yes” to any of the following questions, then you qualify:

1. Are you eligible for free or reduced lunch in school?
2. Do you participate in a TRIO program?
3. Do you qualify for fee waivers from the ACT, College Board, and/or NACAC?

And that’s it! We don’t require any additional documentation or verification from you. Once you qualify, you’ll automatically bypass the payment screen each time you submit your Coalition application to a waiver-participating member school.

A few things to note: Some Coalition schools require in-state residency in order to accept this waiver, and some Coalition schools provide their own application fee waivers. Be sure to ask for information about additional fee waiver opportunities from the colleges and universities to which you’re applying —it’s worth it to ask!

You should also know that participating Coalition colleges and universities will soon be offering an application fee waiver to veterans and active members of the U.S. Armed Forces. Learn more about this exciting new opportunity.

Additional Resources
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