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As you journey through high school and set your sights on college, it’s important to have someone you can go to for advice, an adult you trust to answer your questions and support you as you make decisions. You might call this person a mentor, and he or she can play a meaningful role on your path to college — and in your life.

So, where can you find a mentor? All around you! Anyone who guides or instructs you can be a mentor, from your teachers and school counselors in school, to your family and friends at home. Then there are your coaches, pastors, activity advisers, work supervisors, neighbors, your friend’s parents … you get the idea.

Really, a mentor is anyone you respect and trust to help you reach your goals. And any of these folks will likely be honored to fill that role for you.

One way you can use a mentor in the college application process is by inviting them to collaborate with you in MyCoalition.

For one, you can ask mentors to view and give their input on your college list. They may have some great insights on schools you’re considering — and recommendations on those you haven’t yet thought of!

For another, you can share items in your Locker with mentors and get their opinions on your work. For example, you could ask your art teacher to review a photograph you uploaded to your Locker. Through MyCoalition, she can view your photo and share her comments with you privately. She may make some helpful suggestions that you decide to incorporate. And you can easily respond to her comments. It’s a great place to get a conversation started — and it’ll be your go-to space to collaborate.

Remember: Mentors can only comment on items you invite them to view, and they cannot make any changes to items in your Locker.

Learn more: Learning about your Locker.

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