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Sure, you know how to use your locker at school … but do you know how to use your Locker in MyCoalition? Read on and we’ll give you some tips. Spoiler alert: It’s not for storing your gym clothes.

What is the Locker?
The Locker is your own private, secure online space where you can collect and organize materials that may be useful during your high school career and as you prepare your college applications. Think of it as your personal trophy case — or your very own time capsule. You can access your cloud-based Locker by logging in to your MyCoalition account. Oh, and did we mention that the storage space is unlimited — and completely free?

What should be in my Locker?
That’s entirely up to you! But we recommend you include documents, photos, or videos that you consider an important record of your high school experience, like essays you’ve written, artwork you’ve created, or performances you’ve mastered. Standardized test scores are good to put here too. And don’t forget to include experiences that take place outside school, like that award you won for volunteering or that letter recognizing your efforts at your afterschool job.

Plus, since it’s completely private, the Locker is a great place to journal or write notes to yourself. Remember: You choose what to share and when to share it – either with a trusted mentor in the collaboration space or with an application submission. Colleges and universities cannot see your Locker without your permission.

How do I use my Locker?
Start using it early! As soon as you set up your MyCoalition profile, you can begin adding items. The oral history project you did the summer before high school? Add it! That essay you aced in ninth grade? Add that too! Space is unlimited, so you can’t ever add too much. And you don’t know now what’s going to be important later.

Don’t forget to ask for feedback on your Locker’s contents from trusted mentors. You’ll find it’s easy to share select items in your Locker with counselors or teachers and get their opinions on and advice about your work — and it’ll become your go-to space to collaborate with them. In fact, by using this interactive collaboration space, you’ll end up with a polished collection of accomplishments you’ll be proud to include on your college applications!

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