Additional Tests Section


In this section, enter additional subject tests that you might have taken during your years in high school. 

This is an opportunity to report your scores for some of the most common tests:

  • SAT Subject Tests
  • AP Exams (Advanced Placement Exams from the College Board)
  • IB Exams (International Baccalaureate Exams from the International Baccalaureate educational foundation)
  • AL Exams (A-Level Exams or the General Certificate of Education Advanced Level used internationally and in some US states)

Select Yes for the test scores you want to report, and you’ll be offered a set of input options for that particular test type.

For example, if you took IB exams:

  • Answer ‘Yes’ to the IB Exam question
  • Choose from the number of IB exam scores you are reporting 
  • Enter a score for each test you report. If you enter a score that is out of range, you will receive an alert. 
  • Enter the date of the test you are reporting.

Enter Predicted Advanced Level exams at the bottom of the page.




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