Deciding where to apply


You’ve done the research and created a college list, but now you have to decide: Where do I apply

At the Coalition, we’re here to help you make smart choices when it comes to applying to college, and your first choice should always be: Apply to more than one school! In fact, we recommend applying to 6-10 schools, because applying to college means applying to colleges — and we encourage you to consider Coalition schools because of their commitment to access, affordability, and success.

We even make the application process easy, offering one application for all 130-plus member schools and a simple fee waiver for eligible students. What’s more, once you’ve completed your MyCoalition profile, you’ve already finished 70 percent of your application to Coalition colleges!

Here are three main points to consider when deciding where to apply:

  1. Programs of study

It’s important to apply to schools — whether they’re two-year community colleges or four-year universities — that not only offer the subject areas that you’re most interested in studying, but also provide you with additional learning opportunities, such as internships, study-abroad programs, and student-faculty research, just to name a few.

  1. Academic support and graduation success

You’ll want to apply to schools that challenge you academically, but, at the same time, provide the support you need to succeed, like career planning services, tutoring sessions, and faculty advisors. Remember: It’s not just about getting into college; it’s also about graduating from college.

  1. Cost to attend

The total cost to attend a college or university often includes tuition, room and board, and fees for such items as books, student IDs, and parking permits. Don’t let this number discourage you! Based on their financial need, most students receive some form of financial aid – in the form of grants, loans, and/or scholarships — which will make the actual cost to attend much lower. 

You should know that the more than 130 Coalition schools offer a wide variety of academic programs and supports, and they’re committed to helping you graduate from college. In addition, they offer affordable in-state tuition or meet students’ full demonstrated need, meaning they’ll provide the financial aid you need to attend. In either case, it means you’ll graduate with little-to-no debt.

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