Your Documents page

The Documents > Home page contains any requests from students to submit items (such as transcripts or recommendations) on their behalf.

Key Concept

If a student is your contact, but has not yet requested items from you, you won't see that student on your Documents page. It only lists students after they've requested documents from you.


Each row shows the student name, the request date, what item was requested, and more  information about the item. Use the Actions menu at the end of each row to see the available actions you can take on that document. The options change depending on the status of the document. For example, if  the document is not yet started, your only option is to start. If the document is completed, your options are to view it or revise it with a newer version.

The Nearest Deadline column is blank until the student has started a college application that requires this item and attached a recommendation request. At that point, the application deadline is shown (and if there are multiple college applications, the nearest deadline is shown).

The Colleges column is 0 until the student has started an application at a college that requires that item and attached a recommendation request. The number reflects the number of in-progress or submitted applications that the student has attached the item to.

Key Concept

A zero in the "Colleges" column does not reflect how many colleges the student is applying to; it only reflects the number of colleges receiving that particular document of yours. If a student is applying to a college that does not require that document (for example, if a college does not ask for a Counselor recommendation), the Colleges column for that document will show 0.


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