How to share a media file with a contact


You can share a document (either media you uploaded to your locker, or profile and application PDFs you generated to be saved in your locker) with one or more of your contacts. That person will be able to  read your document and offer comments.To learn more about how to make and read the comments on a document, see this article.

To enable sharing:

1. Open Locker > Media to view your media files and generated PDFs.
2. Click or tap the sharing icon () for the file you want to share.

3. Type the name of a contact in the top field, and select that contact. You may choose to type a brief message. Select the Share button.

4. The contact will receive a notification, and will be able to view the document and carry on a conversation with you via messages when viewing the document.

Key Concept

You can share files that are text documents, as well as generated PDFs. Only valid documents will have a working share icon. For other media, such as an audio file, the shared icon is not available.



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