Contact Information Section


This section collects information about different ways to contact you.  This information is important early in the application process if you’re interested in hearing more from particular Coalition colleges and it becomes critical when it’s time for admission notifications to be sent. 

You can edit this information later.

Phone Number - Specify a mobile phone number and a home phone number. If you only have one phone number, you can enter the same number in both places.

Mailing Address – This is the address where you are currently living and where you want to receive mail from the Coalition schools.  If you are living away at high school or college or are participating in a gap year project, enter that address in this section.

Permanent Address – This is your regular or permanent address (for example, your parents' home). 

Note that you must verify your address in the system (this means it is checked against a map database to be sure it is a valid address). This section won't be marked as complete until your address is verified.



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