Search for colleges and add to your college list


The Coalition system lets you search all the colleges and universities in the United  States, as you'll begin to narrow down your personal list of which colleges you're interested in.

Enter part of a name in College Search field, and your results appear below. Use the arrows to scroll through multiple results. Coalition colleges will have a Coalition (coal-icon-square.png) icon, and other colleges will have a general (general college icon) icon.

Use the options picker to refine your results:

  • If you select Coalition colleges, only those colleges who are Coalition member schools will be shown in your results.
  • If you select All 4-year colleges, any 4-year US college that meets your criteria will be listed.
  • If you select All 2-year and 4-year colleges, any 2-year or 4-year US college that meets your criteria will be listed. 

Select any college name to load its Coalition page with more information about the school (non-Coalition colleges link to their public website). 

To add a college to your list

Once you add a college to your list, it is shown in your College List, so you can easily return to it at any time. To add a college to your personal list, select Add to list ().


When you add a Coalition college to your list, you have the option of sharing some of your profile data with that college.  See here for more information about opting-in to share your information with a college. 


To remove a college from your list

If you decide you're no longer interested in a college on your list, you can remove it.

When viewing any college on your list, click or tap its Options (three dots) and select Remove College.

Colleges with multiple campuses only appear one time on your list, with all the campus addresses shown in the College Information.




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