High School Information Section


This profile section collects information about your high school and grade level.


You can add as many high schools in this section as you need. Most of the information requested from you will relate to your current high school but the system will let you store the dates of attendance for all of the high schools you attended.

Add New –
to get started, first choose your type of high school from the list of three options: US High School, International High School, or Home School.  Click ‘Add’.  Depending on whether you are in the US or not, search by either state or country to locate your school.

To enter a high school, type in the first few letters of your high school’s name or location and then choose from the results shown. If you're home schooled, select School Not Found after entering your state, and manually enter your school address and other information.


If you can't find your school by city or name, try entering the CEEB code. There's a list of US high schools and their codes here: www.act.org/content/act/en/products-and-services/the-act/registration/high-school-codes-lookup.html, or ask your counselor for your school's code.

Your selection from the search results will automatically populate your high school’s name and address in your student profile, and will keep track of the high school ID so that all of your high school documents are associated with the right high school.


If your high school is not in the search results, click the link ‘High School not found’ to activate an input screen for high school name, address and your dates of attendance. The same applies if you are home schooled and not part of a listed home school association, click the link ‘High School not found’ to use the new input screen and enter ‘home schooled’ as the name.

If you need more information about finding your high school, see this article. 

Most Recent High School Information
– High School 1 asks for information about your current high school and your current grade level.  If you previously attended other high schools, add them after High School 1.

  • Attendance Dates - is asking the dates you attended this school, both a start and end date. If you're still attending, enter an estimated end date.
  • How are classes scheduled? - is asking for how the academic year is divided into grading periods (semesters, quarters, and so on). Select the box for "block scheduling" if this school uses this method of scheduling (for example, some classes on Mon/Wed/Fri only and others on Tue/Thu only).
  • Grading Scale - is asking whether the school uses letters, numbers, or other grading methods.
  • Most recent academic year – is asking for your current grade level (from 9th to 13th, and includes the ‘already graduated’ option.
  • GPA Type– is asking whether your school provides your grade point average as a weighted calculation (based on courses you might have taken with extra points like honors or AP courses) or an unweighted calculation; or whether your school does not provide GPA calculations at all.
    • GPA scale – choose from a 4 point, 5 point or 100 point scale or choose ‘other’ to enter more information about your high school’s GPA scale.
    • Cumulative GPA – enter your cumulative GPA (the GPA you have earned over your entire high school career; not the specific GPA you earned for a particular year).
  • How is rank reported on your transcript – is asking for the reporting method your high school uses to express how you rank within your high school class: as an exact rank (1st), in deciles (top 10%), in quartiles (top 25%), in quintiles (top 20%) or in  percentiles (top 1%).  Choose one reporting method from the drop down list, then fill in your class rank as reported on your transcript.
  • Class size – is asking how many students are in your class (at your current grade level).


Key Concept

If your high school makes changes to its GPA type, ranking, or any other policies midway through your time there, you can edit this information at any time.

High School Counselor - Enter your counselor's information (name, email address, and so on), or select from among your existing Coalition contacts and their name and other information will be automatically added.

International Exams - This section is only visible if you've entered a non-US high school and specified it is "exam based." Enter any exam results related to the school, if there are any. When done, check the box for "I am finished reporting my international exams or I have none to report."




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