College Information Section


This profile section asks for information about the college(s) where you took regular college-level courses for credit, or participated in a dual-enrollment program for credit.  If you answer ‘yes’ to the first question about taking courses at a college, you’ll be given the opportunity to add the college(s) to your profile record and then report the courses you took there for credit or dual-credit. 

  • Enter the first few letters of the college’s name and then select the correct results from the list. (A separate entry screen will be displayed so that you can complete this section, even if the search doesn’t return the name of your college.)
  • Use the calendar to add the dates of attendance:
    • Start date (this is the date when you first enrolled or took a particular course).
    • End date (this is the last date of enrollment or the date on which your course ended).  If you're still attending the college, enter an estimated end date.
  • Indicate from the drop-down choices whether you earned a degree or not during your time of attendance.
  • For the question "How many credits were earned after high school?", provide the number of college credits that you earned, post high school graduation while taking courses at all the colleges you’ve listed in this profile section.



For dual-enrollment courses, you will enter zero to the question "How many credits were earned after high school?" and then complete the remainder of the section. 

Navigate to the ‘High School Coursework’ sections to enter information about the specific college classes you took for dual credit.




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