Request a recommendation


You can request letters of recommendation, which are submitted and stored in your locker. When you apply to a college, you'll be able to attach the appropriate recommendations from your locker.

For more about submitting recommendations when you are working on applications, see How do I decide which recommendation to submit with an application?

To request a recommendation: 

1. Go to Locker > Official Documents.

official documents

2. Scroll to the Recommendation section and select Request Recommendation under either Counselor, Academic, or General (depending on which type of recommendation). The button text varies depending on whether this is your first request of that type of recommendation, or you're requesting another one.

request button

3. In the field provided, type the name or email address of the recommender.

4. Depending on whether the recommender is already a contact, the process varies:

  • If the recommender is already one of your contacts in the Coalition system, select their contact name.

request reccommendation

  • If the recommender is not already one of your contacts, enter their email address, and click or tap Continue to enter their first and last name.

5. Select Continue.

6. Select whether you do or do not waive your rights to view the document. You must select an answer.

waive your right to view selection

See What does it mean to waive the right to view a recommendation? for more about waiving your rights, and see Do I have to waive my right to view recommendations? if you need more help making your decision.

7. Select Continue.

8. To complete the request and send a notification to the recommender, select Request Recommendation. The button text varies depending on what type it is. At any time, to leave the process and return to your Documents page, select Go Back.

9. A confirmation is displayed (recommender's name, date, and status), click or tap Close.

If the email address you entered doesn't already have an account on the system, an invitation will be sent to the person to join the Coalition system. After signing up for a Coalition account, they can accept and complete your recommendation.



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