Definitions: recommendations and recommenders?


In the Coalition Application System, your locker can contain various types of official documents, including recommendations. A recommendation is something you can ask for from a specific person, such as a high school counselor or teacher, or any other individual who knows you and your work. 

Go to Locker > Official Documents to view and request recommendations.

A recommender is the person you ask for a recommendation. That person can accept the request and submit a letter, which you can then attach to a college application. Currently, there are three types of recommenders:

  • High School Counselor and High School Teacher Recommenders: People you ask to write an official letter about your high school or college career. The recommendations can be attached to college applications you submit via the Coalition system.


Key Concept

Counselor and teacher recommendations are only required for first year applications.

If you are a current high school student, you should request a counselor recommendation from your School Counselor and academic recommendations from teachers or others who know your academic work. 

If you're a current college student planning to apply as a Transfer, you do not need any counselor recommendations.


  • General Recommendations: You can add up to eight additional recommendation requests. Some colleges you apply to may allow you to submit one or more of this type of recommendation, but other colleges may not accept them.

See this article for information on requesting a letter from a recommender.





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