Deleting your MyCoalition account


Deleting your MyCoalition account permanently erases all data associated with your MyCoalition and ApplyWeb accounts, including:

  • All files and recommendations in your Locker
  • All in-progress applications
  • Access to checklists and admissions decisions

Deleted accounts cannot be restored by CollegeNET.

Things to consider before deleting

You should not delete your account if you:

  • Are waiting on acceptance decisions from any of your schools
  • May transfer to another school in the future using your MyCoalition account
  • Want continued access to files in your Locker
  • Have applied to the University of Washington or the University of Maryland and need access to your checklist or admission decisions

Privacy Policy 

See CollegeNET's Privacy Policy here:

Deleting your account

1. Click on Account Settings from the top-right user menu.


2. Click the Edit Account Info button.


3. Click on Preferences in the left side menu.


4. Click the Delete Account button.


5. Read the warning message carefully. Be aware that all of your account data, including files and recommendations in your Locker, will be permanently lost. 


6. If you are sure, type "DELETE" in the text box and click Delete my Account. If you have changed your mind, click Cancel.



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