How do I delete my account?


Be careful before deleting your account, as you will lose your data on any CollegeNET-hosted platforms (Coalition, ApplyWeb, and InWorks).



 Your account is shared by all systems hosted by CollegeNET:  the Coalition, ApplyWeb, and InWorks. If you delete your Coalition account, you will lose all data associated with any CollegeNET-hosted account.


1. Select Account Settings from the menu under your avatar.

2. Click or tap the Edit Account Info button () to open your account settings. These settings are used for the Coalition platform, as well as the CollegeNET Applyweb system.

3. Select Preferences.

4. Click or tap the Delete Account () button.

5. Read the warning message carefully. Be aware that any in-progress data and saved profile information will be lost.

6. If you are sure, click or tap Delete My Account to officially remove your account from the Coalition system. If you changed your mind, click or tap Cancel.




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