How do I apply to college on the Coalition site?

You must have a Coalition account to begin work on college applications. If you don't have a Coalition account, see this article for information about signing up.

If you already have a Coalition account, you can begin an application either from your College List or from a college's landing page, by selecting the Start Application () button.


If you're new to the Coalition site and want an overview of how to get started, including applying for colleges, see this article.

Beginning your application from a college's landing page

Coalition colleges each have a public landing page that gives you information about the college and its programs.

To start an application from a college's landing page:

1. Click or tap Start Application () to get started.

  • If you don't have a Coalition account yet, you'll be prompted to sign up for one.

  • If you already have an account and are logged into the Coalition site, you can begin the application as described in this article, or you can click or tap Add to College List () to add to the list of colleges you're interested in (for more information on College Lists, see this article).

2. Choose the type of application (for example, First Year or Transfer) and follow the steps to complete each section. 





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