Replace an official document after submitting an application


Official Documents are anything that you request from someone else, such as:

  • An official transcript
  • Academic and Counselor recommendations
  • Any other recommendations

After you submit an application, you may need to replace the person you are requesting a document or recommendation from.

You can replace an official document only before it is marked as Complete (which means the person hasn't yet submitted it to the college), or if it is Cancelled, Declined, or Invalid. You can't replace a document once it is Complete.

To replace an Official Document used in a submitted application

1. Go to your College List.

2. Locate a college to which you applied and click or tap View Submission to view the details and payment information for that application.

3. Scroll down to the application sections, and expand Official Documents and expand each individual item using the down arrow ().

4. Click or tap Replace to choose a different document in your locker to use instead of the one shown.

For transcripts and grade reports, either:

  • Select "Replace" to specify a different person to submit the item on your behalf. Enter the name of the new person to request it from, and click or tap OK when prompted.


  • Select "I'll submit this document separately." If you choose this option, the existing document request is removed from your online application and it's up to you to ensure it gets submitted to the college.

If you don't have a similar document to use, you'll need to go to your locker and add one there before proceeding. Click or tap Manage Official Documents and follow the instructions in How do I request transcripts and other official documents?.


For recommendations, either:

  • Select "Replace" and choose any of your available recommendation requests (from your locker) to replace the existing recommender with the selected one.


  • Click or tap Manage Official Documents to go to your locker and add or edit the request there.


If you make changes to your recommendation requests in your locker, you will then need to return to the Submission page and replace the recommendation there in order to use it in that college application.


Remember, you can only replace documents when they are new or in progress. Once they have been submitted to the college and are completed, they can't be replaced.



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