Comparing College Options: What’s the Right School for You?


Congratulations, seniors! You’ve applied to colleges — and you’ve been accepted!

Now, you need to decide where to enroll. It’s a good problem to have — but it’s not an easy one.

We know that everyone — including your family, friends, teachers, neighbors, even that guy at the store you talked to once — has advice on where you should go.

We’re here to tell you not to rely on other people to make such a huge decision. Instead, make your own informed choice with the help of our MyCoalition Custom College Ranking tool.

Forget pros and cons lists. Using this free, interactive resource, you can create personalized college rankings based on the characteristics that matter most to you.

For example, is a school’s location very important to you? Do you want to have close relationships with your teachers in college? Is studying abroad something you really want to do?

With this tool, you input the traits you value and receive an individualized ranking of which schools are best for you. Now that’s what we call making smart college choices!

Check it out! Start by reading the User Guide. Then click over to the MyCoalition Custom College Ranking tool.

Share it with your parents, too! It just might start some great conversations about your academic future.

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