How long does it take to fill out a Coalition application?

It can take up to 4 weeks to prepare your application for submission. Luckily, there is a lot you can do before the deadline 

Completing a college application is actually four tasks:

  • Complete your profile on the Coalition site.
    This can be done any time after you create your Coalition account. You don't have to wait for an application to open. We recommend you create an account and start working on your profile at least 4 weeks before the application deadline. 

  • Request Official Documents needed for college applications, such as recommendations and transcripts. 
    You can request these documents as early as your junior year. 

  • Write essays and upload them to your Coalition Locker.
    Upload your essays to your Coalition Locker and you can share them with your counselor for editing purposes.

  • Complete the college-specific questions. 
    Once the application is available, you can complete the college-specific questions and submit your application. 

The more you work on your profile and documents up front, the faster you can complete and submit an application. 



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