How Do I Apply to College on MyCoalition?

It’s a question we’re asked a lot.
And the answer is quite simple: If you have a MyCoalition account and you’ve started working on your Profile, you’re already doing it! 
That’s right: Your Profile is your application. (70 percent of it, that is.)
So, if you’re adding information to your Profile, you’re working on your college application!
Here’s how it works:
  1. Starting as soon as ninth grade, when you create your MyCoalition account, you should be adding to your Profile (things like personal and family information, high school coursework, and extracurricular activities).

  2. All throughout high school, you should be updating your Profile. Join the debate club? Take an AP exam? Ace your ACT? Add it! Because, remember: Your Profile is the foundation of your MyCoalition college applications.

    During high school, you should also be using MyCoalition to build your college list, add items to your Locker, and share your Profile with mentors in the Collaboration Space

  3. The summer before your senior year, on or around July 1, you’ll notice that the “Start Application” buttons on your MyCoalition College List page are active. When you click this button, required sections of your Profile will become part of your submitted application to the school you identified. (Don’t worry — MyCoalition will prompt you if any Profile sections are incomplete before it gets sent.) Your application to that school will be 70 percent complete. Then, you’ll just repeat this step for the other schools on your list. 

  4. The remaining 30 percent of your application will depend on the schools to which you apply. Some may require you to choose a program and term, upload official documents, and/or answer essay questions. Simply follow the instructions on the Application Status page of each school you apply to and press “Submit Application” when you’re done.

  5. Then congratulate yourself: You did it! You applied to colleges!




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