When Do I Apply?

When do I apply to college? Good question!
Simply put: You’ll apply to colleges in 12th grade. And, your MyCoalition Profile — you know, the one you’ve been working on since ninth or 10th grade — is what you’ll use to apply (It’s 70 percent of your application to Coalition schools!).
And, now, we’ll get specific: Be ready to apply by Nov. 1 of your senior year. 
Why you ask? First, let’s review some important college admissions deadlines. 
  1. Early Decision: You can apply to one school early decision; if you’re accepted, you must attend, so you should really want to go to this school. These applications are due on or around Nov.1
  2. Early Action: You can apply to multiple schools early action; if you are accepted, you’re not obligated to attend. These applications are due on or around Nov. 1.  
  3. Priority Deadline: Many schools use a priority deadline to encourage early applications. In fact, most schools that offer a priority deadline (usually Nov. 1) accept the majority of their students at that time. 
  4. Regular Decision: You can apply to as many schools as you wish; if you are accepted, you’re not obligated to attend. These applications are due on or around Jan. 1
  5. Rolling Admission: This means schools accept and review applications as they are sent in, as opposed to waiting to review all applications at one time. We recommend sending in your application as soon as possible
So, you can see that Early Decision, Early Action, and Priority Deadline applications are due on or around Nov. 1 — and you’ll have decisions (accepted, declined, or deferred) in December. This gives you plenty of time to weigh all your options — especially when it comes to financial aid packages — before deciding where to go. (You’ll give colleges your decision by May 1, unless you applied and were accepted Early Decision.) 
And, even if you decide to apply Regular Decision, it’ll feel great to have your application ready to go well before the January deadline. 
Remember: Our motto is start early, stress less. So, make sure your MyCoalition Profile is complete, upload any required documents (like your transcript and letters of recommendation), and put those finishing touches on your essays — and be ready to hit submit by Nov. 1!
One final note: Most of these deadlines apply to first-year applicants only; if you’re a transfer student, we recommend you consult the colleges you’re applying to about deadlines. 




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