Provide an official document to a student


You can offer an official document (such as a transcript or grade report) to one of your student contacts at any time, even before they have requested it. The student then receives a notification of the document offer, and can choose to either accept or decline it.

When selecting a document on the Official Document modal, you can only choose document types that the student has not yet requested or received from another MyCoalition user.

A student must already be your contact on MyCoalition to be able to offer a document. See the add contacts article for more about adding contacts.

 1. Navigate to your Students page.

students page

2. Select a student and click or tap their name to go to their Student Details page.

student link

3. On the Documents tab, scroll down (below the list of documents already in progress or complete) to the heading "Looking for other documents...?" Click or tap Show More.

looking for other docs

4.  Select which document you want to provide, and click or tap Start.

additional docs

4. Click or tap Continue.

5. When asked to confirm, click or tap Continue.

NOTE:  For a recommendation, because you are providing it rather than waiting until it is requested from you, the student does not have a chance to agree to waive FERPA rights. Therefore any recommendation you offer using this method does not have the student's right to view it waived.

6. Search for the student's high school, by name or CEEB code and select the correct school. If the high school doesn't come up in your search results, select School not found and enter it manually. 


7. Select Upload and upload the appropriate file from your hard drive.

8. Click or tap Attach File.

9. Click or tap Preview Submission, which opens a preview pane so you can see the document you uploaded.

10. If all looks correct, click or tap Submit. Otherwise, select Edit to return to the previous page and choose a different file.

11. Once you've completed the steps above, the student will receive a notification and the provided document will be in their locker. At that point, they can choose to accept or decline your provided document. See Official documents provided by a counselor for more about the student's experience with documents.



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