Defining Your College Style


Throughout your high school career, you will be aiming for college. And as one step toward that goal, we think you should consider scheduling your first college tour.

For some students, picking out a college to visit is as much work as actually visiting. For that reason, we suggest that for your first college visit, you tour a few diverse types of schools that can help you determine what’s right for you.

So, what types of schools should you visit? Ones that are very different from each other! For instance, why not visit a big, urban research university AND a small, suburban liberal arts college during the same trip? Consider it your chance to experience firsthand schools that are different sizes (big versus small), have different academic programs (research versus liberal arts), and are located in different settings (urban versus suburban).

Whether you check out schools close to home or those located out of town (maybe over a long weekend!), make sure you visit schools that are distinct from each other, so that you can compare them and begin to identify the characteristics you like — and those you don’t. (Do I want a big football school or one that’s more focused on the arts? Do I want a college located in a city’s downtown or one in the mountains or on the coast?)

Remember to keep an open mind, and you may surprise yourself!

Once you’ve narrowed down the type of school that fits you best, you can update your college list and think about getting ready to apply at MyCoalition!

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Additional Resources

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