How Does the Coalition Support Transfer Applicants?


The Coalition for College is proud to support transfer students like you as you continue your college journey. In fact, we’re committed to increasing access to higher education — and to helping make college a reality for all students.

So, if you’re looking to transfer to a school that will give you a first-rate education, lots of academic support, and responsible financial aid, then look no further. We at the Coalition can assist you in the following ways:

We can save you time and money.

And as a college student, don’t you want more of these?

With the Coalition Application, you’ll complete one easy-to-use application that’s accepted at 60+ Coalition schools. And, if you qualify for a NACAC fee waiver, then you qualify for a Coalition fee waiver, and that means you can apply to many great schools at one time, at no cost!

We can provide you with valuable college-planning resources.

For free. Talk about value!

MyCoalition, our free, online toolkit, includes a convenient digital Locker, where you can store important materials, and an interactive Collaboration Space, where you can connect with supporters. We’ll also send you emails that offer tips, advice, and reminders geared toward students like you: transfer applicants with firsthand college experience.

Plus, MyCoalition makes it simple to manage high school transcripts: You’ll only have to request your final transcript once. Then, once your high school counselor uploads it, you can use it for allof your applications!

We can offer you smart college choices.

Because, as a smart student, you deserve them.

Coalition schools are dedicated to supporting lower-income, under-resourced, and/or first-generation students; providing responsible financial aid; and enhancing students’ success in college. And, with an average four-year graduation rate 30 percent higher than the national average, our schools are an excellent option for transfer students like you!

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