Coalition Essay

The Coalition Essay helps colleges understand more about you as a student. Although the essay is part of your Profile, it will be provided only to those colleges that require it.

Learn how to tell if your colleges require the Coalition Essay:

You can see which colleges require the essay at the top of the page.


First, select the essay topic you wish to answer for the essay. Then, enter your essay in the field provided. You can either compose the essay in another program first (such as Google Docs or Word) and copy it over, or you can type directly in the field.

Only minimal formatting is available (bold, underline, and so on). If you paste from another program, be sure to remove any unusual characters you see.

When you're satisfied with your essay and consider it complete, check the box "I am finished..." to mark the Coalition Essay profile section as complete.

The Coalition Essay will not be submitted to colleges that don't require it as part of their application.

 Tips for essay writing

  • While there is no perfect length for an essay, we recommend that you aim for 500 to 650 words.

  • See the My Coalition Counselor section of the help system for several articles about how to write a successful college essay (for example, How to write -- and not write -- a college essay).



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