How the Locker & Collaboration Space Help Transfer Students


As a transfer student, you should know that the Coalition can save you time and money while offering you smart college choices. You should also know that our free, online toolkit, MyCoalition, provides you with valuable resources to make your transfer process as easy and efficient as possible.

In addition to informative articles and emails geared toward transfer applicants with firsthand college experience and the Coalition Transfer Application, MyCoalition includes two key features: the Locker and Collaboration Space. Read on to learn how to make the most of them:

The Locker
Accessible anytime, anywhere through your MyCoalition Profile, the Locker is your private, secure online space where you can collect and organize materials that may be useful as you prepare your transfer applications. Think of it as your personal trophy case — or your very own time capsule.

What you put in your Locker is entirely up to you. But we recommend you include documents, photos, and/or videos that you consider an important record of your college and high school experiences; your standardized test scores; your list of colleges to which you’re considering transferring; and your school transcripts.

Did you know? With MyCoalition, you only have to request your high school transcript once. Then, once your counselor uploads it, you can use it for all of your transfer applications to Coalition schools!

Your Locker should also include your resume or summary of your academic and personal experiences, including extracurricular activities, volunteer work, and/or jobs. Items like these can help your references write letters of recommendation for you, which you’ll need to complete your transfer applications. Already have some letters from the first time you applied to college? Put those in your Locker, too! The storage space is unlimited — and completely free!

The Collaboration Space
Once your Locker is loaded, take advantage of its built-in Collaboration Space! This function enables you to invite trusted supporters — like teachers, advisors, or employers — to connect virtually with you in MyCoalition. There, these mentors can provide feedback and advice on Locker items you select, such as your college list or application essay drafts. It’s a great place to have meaningful conversations that can impact your college future.

Did you know? Colleges and universities cannot see your Locker without your permission. And mentors can only comment on items you invite them to view; they cannot make any changes to items in your Locker.



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