Sending SAT Scores via MyCoalition

From your College List, you can link your College Board account and order SAT scores to be sent to any college on your list (even if it's not a MyCoalition college).

See our video tutorial on ordering your SAT scores:

You must have an account on the College Board site in order to be able to link your accounts and order scores from the MyCoalition site.

To order your SAT (and any other) College Board scores:

1. Navigate to your Colleges page, and select the Send Test Scores tab.


2. The first time you use this feature, you must link your MyCoalition account with your College Board (SAT testing organization) account. Click or tap Link My Account.


3. Log in using your College Board username and password, and click Send (meaning Yes) when asked whether or not you allow CollegeNET, Inc (the provider of the MyCoalition site) to access your account.


4. After completing steps 1-3, you should now have a new button that allows you to send SAT scores to colleges. Click or tap Send SAT Scores (send_SAT_button.jpg) at any time to connect to College Board and begin the score-ordering process.

You can order scores to be sent to one or more colleges, with a maximum of 50,  in a single order.

5. Select one or more colleges and click or tap Continue.  The colleges listed are the ones you've previously added to your College List. Note that if you have more than 50 colleges on your College List, you'll need to deselect colleges until your selected ones are 50 or less.

See the Search for colleges article for more about adding and removing colleges from your college list.


6.Click or tap Continue to send all available scores to each college, or if you prefer, you can specify which test scores you want to send to each college (see step 7).


7. (optional) If you want to send only some test scores to a college (for example, only your SAT but not  your Subject Tests), select "View/Choose Scores" next to that college name.  Click or tap Continue. Follow instructions to select your desired scores for each college and click Continue to return to the list of colleges.



8. Select your shipping speed, check the box agreeing to the SAT Terms and Conditions, and select Continue to Payment to review your order.


9. Review your ScoreSend order, including the total cost. You must check the box for "I confirm that I have read and understand the College Board refund policy" before you can continue to payment.  Select Continue to Payment.


10. Enter your billing information and click or tap the green payment button.

College Board will now send your scores directly to the college(s) you requested.






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