Student Quick Start Guide

Student Quick Start Guide

Note: The Quick Start information shown below is also available as a pdf here  or at the bottom.

1. Create a MyCoalition Account
Go to, click on “Create Account,” and follow the instructions to get started.


You’ll be asked to verify your email address. Then you can log in, complete the introductory survey, and add colleges to your College List.


2. Invite a Counselor as a Contact
Connect with your counselor so they can provide you with documents and help you along the way.
To add your counselor, click “Invite contacts” on the home screen of your account.


 3. Share Your College List with Your Counselor
Before your counselor can see your application status, you need to share your College List. On the “Colleges” page, click “Share List” in the top right hand corner.


4. Add to Your Locker
You can add transcripts, recommendations, and other official documents by requesting them from a contact. You can also store audio, video, images, and documents to attach to your applications later.


5. Complete Profile Sections
Based on the questions you answered in the intro survey, including schools on your College List, we will help you complete the right sections. If the section is “optional,” none of your schools require it. If the section is “recommended,” you should get to work on those questions.


6. Complete Your College’s Questions
Once you have completed the required profile sections, go to your “Colleges” page and click on the “Start Application” button for your colleges.






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