Students’ Quick Start Guide for MyCoalition

Students’ Quick Start Guide for MyCoalition


Steps to submit student applications using MyCoalition

  1. Create a MyCoalition account
  • Go to, click on 'Create Account' and follow the instructions to get started. 
  • Once you are in the system, complete the introductory survey, and add any colleges to your college list.
  1. Invite a counselor as a contact
  • You will need to have your counselor as a contact so they can see your application status and provide any necessary documents for you.
  • On your MyCoalition 'Home' screen, click on 'Invite contacts', and then: 


  1. Keep your college list up-to-date and share your College list with your counselor:
  • On your ‘Colleges’ page, click ‘Share List’ and then:


  1. Send document and recommendation requests:
  • Go to the Locker/Official Documents tab and click on the ‘+Request’ button.   Be sure you will need the documents before requesting them.
  1. Complete Profile sections:
  • Go to the Profile tab and complete the recommended sections.  These are based on how you are applying and the colleges on your college list.  Not all colleges require all of the sections, so be sure to keep your college list up-to-date!
  1. Complete college-specific application questions:
  • Once you have completed the required profile sections, go to your ‘Colleges’ page and click on the ‘Start Application’ button for your colleges.

 Quick Start Guide

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