Sending Your SAT Scores Through MyCoalition


Did you know? Thanks to our partnership with the College Board, it’s now easier for you to send your SAT scores and apply to colleges.

That’s right! You can submit your SAT scores and college applications in the same place: MyCoalition.

With SAT Score Send, you no longer have to log in to the College Board website separately to send each college your SAT scores (or SAT subject test scores). Plus, if you’ve been awarded a College Board fee waiver, then you can send your scores to an unlimited number of schools at no cost.

How does it work? It’s simple: All you have to do is link your College Board account to your MyCoalition account by clicking on “Link My Account” on the “Send Test Scores” page under “Colleges” in MyCoalition.

And, that’s it — you’re ready to send your scores!

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