Entering college credits


Transfer applicants should enter information about previous schools attended, including individual coursework.

Entering college information in your profile

To begin, list all of the previous colleges you have attended in your College Information Profile section.

  1. Click on the Profile option at the top of your screen.

  2. Scroll down and click on the College Information section of your recommended profile sections.


  3. Indicate whether you have taken college coursework in the past, and if you are currently taking any courses.


  4. Enter the total number of credits earned, and how many of those were earned after high school. 


  5. Click Add a College.


  6. Search for your current or most recent college.

  7. Enter your college information including your attendance dates and degree information, if any.  


Entering college credits

Once your past schools have been added to your College Info profile section, you can enter your individual college coursework in the College Coursework section.

You will need to know your courses' prefix and number (such as "BIO 101"), the number of credits earned, your grade, and your school's schedule system (either semester or quarter).

  1. Click on College Coursework in the left menu of your Profile.


  2. Find the school you previously entered in the College Information section, and click Add Courses.

  3. Enter the scheduling system of the school, the academic year you took the course, and the term.


  4. Enter your course information. Be sure to spell out the full name of the course, without abbreviations, in the Course Name section.


  5. Click Save & Add Another Course to continue adding coursework. When you have entered your last course for the school, click Save Course & Close. If you have attended multiple schools, be sure you're entering coursework under the correct institution.



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